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Institutional impact – Programme meeting – online, 09/07/09 (#ssbr0709)

Institutional impact: what is it? How do you get it? Through open educational dialogue and institutional pragmatics.

View the recording of Elluminate and listen again to the radio broadcasts

To view the recording of the conference, you will find the link on the Elluminate calendar, here. Enter ssbr0709 when asked for a password.

The recording of John Cook’s keynote on the radio and the podcasts of the accompanying Institutional Innovation Radio can be found here.


A broad theme emerging from the Institutional Innovation programme is Open educational dialogue. This “connected commons” is tied together with Technical, social and cultural enabling practices , e.g.:

  • creative commons licenses
  • Open access; accreditation of prior experiential learning; community learning
  • open APIs, web services and service oriented architectures
  • open educational resources, open archives, open source, open access
  • information aggregation and content syndication (RSS)
  • cloud computing
  • participatory media, Web2.0, mash-ups
  • systems mapping, business analysis (BA) and work flows
  • mobility and location-based services.

All these practices are increasingly re-articulating the relationships between people, space, society and institutions.

But it is not all emergent. Order is brought pragmatically to educational practice along institutional lines. Analysing JISC and HEFCE strategies suggests nine areas in which such institutional pragmatics operate:

  1. Learning teaching and assessment
  2. Research and development
  3. Business and community engagement
  4. Learning resources
  5. eAdmin
  6. Institutional ICT services
  7. Physical estates and learning spaces
  8. Mobile, location aware and pervasive computing
  9. Green ICT

Welcome to the online programme meeting. The schedule of the day’s activity is here. The aim of the meeting is to continue to develop inter project collaborative learning. Please register so we know how many to expect, and what streams you will join.

Join the conference here

In this meeting we will be exploring the ways in which your projects can achieve institutional impact.

We start with Professor John Cook on scaffolding the mobile wave, looking at how learning activities that take place outside formal institutions, on platform of the learners choice, can be brought into institutional learning. Then we look at the Benefits Realisation projects and assemblies that are under way or have taken place, leading into a practical discussion of intra-project working.

Before lunch we will consider the preliminary synthesis of emerging themes and also have a first look at the findings from the base-line reports undertaken by the Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development phase.

After lunch we will break into four working groups (sign up here) along support project lines and look more closely at institutional impact using Gwen van der Velden’s key criteria and trigger questions.

The formal part of the conference will finish at 1500.

The afternoon will then be devoted to online collaboration in a series of post conference workshops.

In the evening there will be a conference social introduction to the multi-user virtual environment, Second Life. If you have always wondered what Second Life was like, or if it might have educational application, here is your chance to see for yourself, accompanied by familiar and experienced Second Life guides.

Please feel free to comment below, or in your own blog (with track-backs) on this introduction.

See you there!

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