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Joining Instructions

Hello to all participants in the JISC Institutional Innovation Programme

Welcome! to the Institutional Impact Programme Meeting:


Registration closed

View recording of Elluminate

To view the recording of the conference, you will find the link on the Elluminate calendar, here.

Please allow at least 15 minutes to complete the arrival formalities. Please do not leave it too late to log in. Log in early. You can leave the session open and do other things up to 0930 when the conference begins.

Click on the link to “Institutional Impact (ssbr0709)”. You will be presented with a log-on screen.

Name & password

Enter your *own name* as the Login Name, in the conventional form: Given-name Surname (e.g. George Roberts)

Enter the password which you have been mailed.

Allow Java download

You will be asked if it is OK to download and open a Java application. The syntax will vary depending on your operating system. Say, “Yes” or “OK”.

Choose a connection speed. If in doubt choose “ISDN”. The application will take a few moments to load.

Do Audio Setup

When the application is loaded, from the Tools menu choose Audio => Audio Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions to test your microphone and playback levels.

Set your profile

In the Participants Window you will see your name. Right click on your name. From the context menu select “Edit Profile”. Complete as much information as you want to share. You can upload a photo if you wish.

Web cam and earphones

A web-cam is not necessary. You can participate through the audiographic and text channels.

Earphones – and preferably a head set with earphones and a mic – are *essential*. If you are listening on external speakers and open your mic to speak you will cause feedback.

That’s it!

Welcome! to the Institutional Impact Programme Meeting.


Joe Rosa

  • Skype joe.rosa
  • joe@jisc-ssbr.net

George Roberts

  • Skype thelastpoet
  • groberts@brookes.ac.uk