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Programme, Thursday 9 July 2009

Institutional Impact






Sound check; live internet radio and home-made coffee

Graham Attwell plus others


Welcome and introduction to Elluminate platform, hand raising, fire alarms, etc.

Josie Fraser


Introduction to the structure of the day

George Roberts


Professor John Cook, “Scaffolding the Mobile Wave

  • How can learning activities that take place outside formal institutions, on platform of the learners choice, be brought into institutional learning? New digital media can be regarded as cultural resources that can enable the bringing together of the informal learning contexts in the world outside the institution with those processes and contexts that are valued inside the intuitions. The big problem is that reports show that Social Software and Google are not enabling the critical, creative and reflective learning that we value in formal education.

John Cook


Coffee Break; live internet radio, more homemade coffee

Graham Attwell


Activity: ‘Communicating your message: engaging the community’

Part 1:

11.15 to 11.45
Reports back from the projects on assemblies that have already taken place. One slide each on what happened, how successful it was and outputs. Any advice to pass on to others who are planning an assembly?

Part 2:

11.45 to 12.00
Creating an assembly:
1. What? Seminar, site visit, conference, workshop SIG?
2. When? Now or later? More than one?
3. Where? Online or offline?
4. Who? Selected stakeholder?
5. How? What support is needed e.g. Elluminate platform etc.

brief, 5 minute break

Josie Fraser

with A&D team


Plenary: “synthesising the programme”(Slideshare link)

George Roberts, Isobel Falconer, Ellen Lessner, Patsy Clarke




Live internet radio

Graham Attwell


Benefits realisation 1(b) call

5 minutes intro. and brief Q&A. There will be an extended workshop on Benefits Realisation at 15.30

Paul Bailey


Addressing institutional impact and support

Purpose: Projects to consider and define their approach to the issues around institutional impact and support.

13.40 to 13.45

5 minutes introduction to the activity – presenting the question framework from Gwen van der Velden.

13.45 to 14.15

Move to streamed breakout rooms, each room facilitated by a synthesist from the A&D team:

  • Breakout group 1: Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development – Making Connections – Part 1 (Note part 2 continues at 1530)
  • Breakout group 2: The physical world, green ICT, estates, mobile and location-aware
  • Breakout group 3: Technical enabling practices, data management, systems integration, IT architectures
  • Breakout group 4: Social and cultural enabling practices, (e) learning, teaching and assessment

Focus of the breakout sessions: address institutional impact and support issues based around the four key questions areas:

  • Present and work through the questions – choosing those that seem most appropriate to your group.
  • The aim is to add context to these generic questions – how are individual projects addressing or planning to address impact, embedding, sustainability and mainstreaming activities.
  • Take notes and be prepared for the plenary feedback. If feasible a single slide summary would be ideal

14.15 – 14.45 Plenary feedback:
The chairs will take each of the four question areas separately and ask for feedback from the moderators under each section in a round robin style.

Steven Warburton, Paul Bailey

with breakout group leads


Introduction to post conference workshops

George Roberts


Coffee break: live internet radio

Graham Attwell



  • Breakout group 1 – Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development – Making Connections – Continues – Part 2 (Patsy Clarke, Ellen Lessner)
  • Developing assemblies: hands on planning session – making it happen (George Roberts)
  • Feedback on Benefits Realisation Ideas. Opportunity to present your benefits realisation idea to a panel of critical experts and receive feedback. (Paul Bailey)
  • Second Life: and introduction to Multi User Virtual Environments (MUVEs) (Steven Warburton)
  • The Institutional Innovation Support Platform with Joe Rosa (cancelled)


Close of workshops


Informal interviews, live radio, warm up discussion

Graham Attwell


Second Life Social: a scavenger hunt, SL tour and music

Steven Warburton